Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The road to hell...

I am trying to sort things out online. My presence here (there?) is a mess. This blog is a prime example. It was inspired by Richard Herring's Warming Up blog, which I've never really read. (update: I've just read the latest entry and was reminded why I don't like it very much. He's too honest.) What I liked about it was the idea of writing, as often as possible, about daily professional life.

The problem has always been thematic content. Much as I like wittering on about random things which interest me, I'm not sure doing so has any inherent value. Little projects like a month of veganism and year of sobriety provide a framework in which I can write, but for some reason I didn't put them on this blog.  I set up a separate blog.

This year will see the High Court trial Bates (and others) v Post Office, which I am determined to attend and report, all 20 days of it. Quite how I will raise the finance to do so is down to a multiple of variables. I might crowdfund it, I might not have to if I can raise enough commissions, but it makes sense that the material I generate from that trial (and the subsequent one scheduled for March next year) goes up online alongside the material I have generated on this blog over the years. It needs a new, or at least, better home. All the PO material on here is in a horrible un-indexed and badly cross-referenced state.

My TV presenting news can go up on the blog on www.nickwallis.com - I haven't had anything to announce on that front recently, though I hope to soon. And, looking at that website, I need to update my showreel, which is always a painful task. It involves pulling together clips from last year's One Show, ITV News and the last series of Criminals Caught on Camera. Even if I get someone to edit it for me, physically locating this material is like pulling teeth.

Then there's the stuff about on youtube I started recently. Daily reporter stuff, the vegan vlog and fifty daily irritations. All a bit of fun, but again, in desperate need of sorting into something coherent.

I also want to set up a journalism blog which provides an outlet for a few under-reported stories (possibly starting by transferring  all the Post Office Horizon stuff on this blog) - most of which have followed on from the work I did at BBC Inside Out South. It would be nice to be able to write up stories which don't work for TV, but which lend themselves to the printed word. But I'm thinking might work better on an established platform.

Then I can leave this blog for the whimsy, opinion and pop culture stuff which interests me on a personal level even if it doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

Finally there's my training company. That has its own website and blog. I'd like to do more training and more writing for the blog on there, but shortly after we set the company up I started getting way too much other work to market the company effectively.

As I say, it's a mess...


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