Sunday, 11 March 2012

I have a column in Surrey Life magazine

And look! I made the front page of the March edition. Nic and I once looked at Clandon Park as a potential wedding venue. We couldn't afford it.

To be honest, I can't afford many of the things advertised, or "featured" in Surrey Life, but I'm blimmin' delighted about becoming a regular columnist.

There was some debate about the column title. I came up with Radio Daze, but refused to countenance it, because it seemed too cheesy and obvious. I've just done a quick Google - it seems no one has a magazine column called Radio Daze. Maybe everyone thinks it's too cheesy or obvious. Hey - it's yours if you want it.

I liked White Noise, but my (fearsome) editor Caroline Harrap didn't. So it came down to a toss up between Sounding Off and On the Mic.

We went for On the Mic. You can find out more about Surrey Life here. A few of the older columns get posted up for free via that link. If that happens with mine, I'll also re-post it here.

Your comments on my glossy magazine prose style, and how it compares to the stuff on this blog, more than welcome.


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