Monday, 21 December 2009

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  1. my brother who is a sub-pm involved in this tells me there is a lady from Walsall involved in this who recently had health problems arising from accusations of this -she went to court -the P.O. insisted on their own Dr. examining her as they thought she was lying as to her health- they objected to 3 different Judges appointed to deal with it -when the matter came before the Court the P.O. offered "no evidence " and the Judge threw out the charges [about 36 -I am told] !!!
    Michael Wilson

  2. my mum was a sub post mistress and 20 years ago she was accused wrongly of stealing as the books didn't add up, she put her own money in and even when the books didn't tally while on holiday and another post mistress from another office took over she still had to take the rap and the action against her, She lost her post office and corner shop lost business, lost family the local community pointed the finger at her for years! She lost her father and had a nervous breakdown with all the stress. The PO took action but something must have come to light, and they agreed to drop the case and she was made to sign a disclosure that if they dropped the case against her she would never take further action against the PO, My mum and Dad paid for years to clear the debt they found themselves in after my mum lost a thriving business. Can anyone give us some information on how or what we can do or if we can to punish the PO for how they ruined my parents business

  3. Hello Nick, I'm James Wright, the son of Gladys wright who was abused. Thank you so much for your fantastic article and would like some communication on the subject.