Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mobs and Yobs: Caught on Camera - preview

At 9pm on Thu 19 Dec, the last episode of this series of Caught on Camera will go out on Channel 5.

It's called "Mobs and Yobs: Caught on Camera" and features footage of a political protest in London which didn't seem to get much coverage on the news at the time.

The above image of Westminster is taken by the heat-sensitive camera on the police helicopter. 

One of our crews was filming in Met Police control on 5 Nov this year when two events, the Anonymous march and the Bonfire of Austerity protest was taking place in central London. 

We also had a crew on the ground to capture the actions of a breakaway group from the Anonymous march who lit a fire and set off fireworks outside Buckingham Palace (hitting it, quite spectacularly, in the process). 

We also have an amazing sequence from the 2011 riots, again in London, featuring a shopkeeper who thought he was going to get killed a the height of the violence.

And finally, as it's Christmas, who doesn't want to see some drunken Santas?
Tonight's episode is the last in the series. Hopefully we'll be back in 2014. 

Happy Christmas!


Thursday, 12 December 2013

A big week for BBC Surrey

Every Saturday morning I present a breakfast show on BBC Surrey, my local station. I've made good friends among colleagues and the station's contributors and audience, who use BBC Surrey as the community resource it should be.

Last night many of those friends were in one room at the South Lodge Hotel near Horsham to celebrate some of the outstanding people who dedicate themselves to making the world a better place.

I hosted a table with two nominees, one of whom was a 17 year old called Zoe Giles. Zoe spent two years tackling council bureaucrats who were trying to close her local youth centre down. Thanks to her efforts the centre was eventually given a guaranteed future.
PC Gaynor Grout

The other nominee was PC Gaynor Grout, a woman who has given her entire working life to community policing and appears to be, in the eyes of her colleagues and the people she serves, a very effective police officer.

It was a good evening - catching up with colleagues and hearing some wonderful stories of courage, bravery, kindness and generosity of human spirit.

Some of the same people who were working late into the night last night were up early this morning to attend the formal switch-on of BBC Surrey's first DAB digital transmitter at Epsom Downs racecourse.
l-r Mark Carter, Sara David, Sir Paul Beresford MP

This has been a long time coming. Digital roll-out was hit by the financial crisis, and a significant amount of reorganising was required before it could get going again. For someone who lives in North Surrey, where the FM signal can be very ropey, I am confident DAB will bring many thousands more listeners to BBC Surrey, and it finally means I can get a decent signal in my house!

If you live in Surrey or North East Hampshire, give BBC Surrey a try. The presenting team are particularly strong at the moment and the station seems to have more journalistic ambition than ever.


Copyright for all photos: BBC Surrey

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thieves and Thugs - preview

Thought these might whet your appetite for tonight. Don't forget, Thieves and Thugs: Caught on Camera is on air at 9pm, Channel 5. It usually goes up during the programme on Demand 5. And then of course it's repeated again at 10pm on C5+1. Let me know what you think of it.

A drug deal, from a CCTV operator's perspective.
 The shot below shows what happened when two people took exception to a CCTV camera being erected in their neighbourhood. They're using an angle grinder to cut it down.

The final moments of a CCTV camera
 The still below is the endgame of a long police motorway chase involving a drug courier. The man jettisoned his cocaine en route, but the camera on the police helicopter picked it up and the drugs were recovered.

The mugging below was a particularly nasty one, but thanks to the quality of the CCTV image, two of the muggers were convicted.

And the man below was arrested after a CCTV operator noticed he was walking along holding a knife. The operator tracked the man on camera whilst staying on the radio to guide the police towards him.

There are some really good stories in tonight's episode. I hope you enjoy it.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Thieves and Thugs: Caught on Camera

This Wednesday 11 Dec at 9pm, Thieves and Thugs: Caught on Camera (Episode 5) will go out on Channel 5.

I recorded the voiceover last week and I think it's my favourite so far. There is some superb storytelling by the editors, and many of the crimes we feature have ended in convictions. 

There is also a moment which will provoke a very strong reaction if it is kept in the final edit. There isn't much that can be changed after a VO session, but it is so controversial, it may not be deemed suitable for broadcast.

Episode 4 - Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera - went out last week and did very well. Despite being up against I'm a Celebrity… we got our biggest audience of the series by some distance and our highest share. 

On Demand 5 the programme became the second most watched show on the channel. It was kept off the top spot by The Bible. Perhaps trying to beat the Greatest Story Ever Told was always going to be a non-starter.

You can watch all the programmes in the series so far on Demand 5 here.

UPDATE: I'm told the controversial moment in Wednesday's prog is definitely staying. But that's all I'm telling you. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera - tonight

This new programme will be broadcast on Channel 5 at 9pm on Wed 4 Dec, and then repeated on C5+1 at, you guessed it, 10pm.

The theme tonight, as the title suggests, is cars, and we have some astonishing footage (high speed chases and level crossing near-misses) and absorbing stories to tell.

Every week for the next three Wednesdays will have a different theme.

We didn't do any press shots for tonight's episode, so here are some stills from the programme:

Please watch it if you can, and if you can't, please help spread the word by linking to this blog post.

A criminal, helpfully providing evidence.
I'll be tweeting during tonight's programme from 9pm using the usual #caughtoncamera hashtag.

If you want to catch any of the first three episodes of the Caught on Camera strand, you can find them on Demand 5, here.