Monday, 25 November 2013

Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera

Really pleased to let you know the final three episodes of this series of Channel 5's Caught on Camera strand have been brought forward to run in the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Episode 4 will air at 9pm on Wednesday 4 Dec with the title "Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera".

To be slotted into the pre-Christmas schedules at 9pm is a real vote of confidence by the channel. I've seen the final cut of episode 4, and I can promise you there is some seriously thrilling stuff in there.

If you haven't yet seen any of the first three episodes of Criminals: Caught on Camera, they are still available on Demand 5. My favourite is episode 1, everyone else I've spoken to seems to prefer episode 2 and episode 3 got the highest figures. I guess that means there's something for everyone.

Give them a go if you haven't already. It should whet your appetite for 4 Dec!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Criminals: Caught on Camera - thanks

Just a quick note to say that's it for Criminals: Caught on Camera until the new year.

A few weeks before the first episode went out the decision was taken to split the series in two, with the first three episodes going out as they did (on 18, 25 Oct and 1 Nov), with the remaining three going out some time in 2014, possibly January.

It was a fascinating experience making Criminals... and the positive response from all quarters has been very encouraging. If you watched, or helped spread the word in any way, I am grateful.

A decision on a second series is unlikely to be made until the second part of the first series has gone out and the viewing data crunched.

In the meantime I am talking to various parties about a number of other exciting projects, and I hope to be able to tell you about the ones that come off soon.


PS All three initial episodes of Criminals: Caught on Camera are available on the excellent Demand 5 platform and should remain so for some time.