Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jonny Dymond

Jonny Dymond is a brilliant journalist. When I worked at Stage 6 in Television Centre I learned a lot from watching his lives and listening to his dispatches. He is also the author of the best biog I have ever read:

Jonny DymondJonny Dymond, Washington Correspondent, BBC News
Jonny is currently Washington correspondent for the BBC, magically becoming North America correspondent when he leaves the capital. Jonny is that rarity within the BBC, a white, male, privately educated Londoner.
He joined the BBC way back in the mists of time (1995) working first at Millbank as a researcher and producer, then at Newsnight and various election and budget programmes. He became a reporter at Westminster for the World Service and then Washington reporter in 2000. He covered 9/11 from Washington DC, then went to Istanbul to cover Turkey and the Middle East between 2001 and 2005.
He spent five years in Brussels as Europe correspondent leaving, with impeccable timing, just as Europe became The Biggest Story in The Whole World. In the States he files largely for BBC radio programmes, but is allowed onto television when no one else is available.


  1. Jonny Dymond is responsible for quite possibly my favourite ever piece of broadcasting.

    It's a From Our Own Correspondent piece he recorded in 2009, and when I heard it broadcast something just got to me. The final 90 seconds in particular are incredibly powerful - a brilliant example of the power of one human voice.

    Luckily the BBC has had the decency to make it available online:

  2. Yes, but why is he now bald ?