Monday, 25 November 2013

Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera

Really pleased to let you know the final three episodes of this series of Channel 5's Caught on Camera strand have been brought forward to run in the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Episode 4 will air at 9pm on Wednesday 4 Dec with the title "Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera".

To be slotted into the pre-Christmas schedules at 9pm is a real vote of confidence by the channel. I've seen the final cut of episode 4, and I can promise you there is some seriously thrilling stuff in there.

If you haven't yet seen any of the first three episodes of Criminals: Caught on Camera, they are still available on Demand 5. My favourite is episode 1, everyone else I've spoken to seems to prefer episode 2 and episode 3 got the highest figures. I guess that means there's something for everyone.

Give them a go if you haven't already. It should whet your appetite for 4 Dec!



  1. Nick please can you tell me how in one clip of the car crashing though the level crossing the train hits part of the level crossing but in the second instance it is clearly edited and the level crossing is not hit?

  2. HI Russell. Can you tell me which bit of the programme this is and I'll have a look? Thanks N

  3. Programme aired 4th Dec channel 5. Approx 50 min in you show a car chase with a car forcing its way though a level crossing, a train then hits part of the level crossing barrier. Seconds later you reshow the clip but this time the train does not hit the barrier? I am confused to how this possible!

  4. yes it's well dodgy. The clip is the red mercedes that was the fastest ever car chase. It ends with the red car forcing through the level crossing and then a train passing. The first time you show the clip, the far barrier that is smashed flops over to it;s side, then the train passes and hits the closest barrier that was on the floor - thus smashing it out of the way. The second time the clip is shown, the train passes through the crossing BEFORe the far barrier has "flopped over on the floor" and also as Russell points out, the barrier on the floor in front of the camera car, DOESN'T get hit and remains stationery on the floor.
    The first clip when played frame-by-frame definitely shows some jiggery pokery has taken place in the editing suite. Why and to what ends? I have already emailed channel 5 with the same question but as yet, have no reply. All very weird!

  5. Right. I will have a look. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Is there any more info on this train hitting but not hitting a barrier ? I watched it when it was first aired on sky and I must of rewound a good few times, I thought I was drunk after drinking smartprice coke :/
    It makes us believe that this program may be going OTT on editing. Is this just a one off ? Or is alot edited for extra effect ?

  7. OK I've watched it about 20 times and agree it is extraordinary. I was viewing it on Demand 5 so didn't have frame-by-frame control. I will email the people in charge of that segment and pass on the response I get. Thanks.

  8. Thanks :D

    Think its just a haunted railway crossing or the phantom train :D

    Bring on ep 5 tomorrow !

  9. Update: I've been in touch with the production team. They too are baffled and are going back to the edit team to try to work out what happened. It's certainly not an attempt to mislead, but might be due a mistake in the rendering process. I'm not a technical person, so I've asked someone who is to explain how it happened when they have worked it out themselves. I would still avoid the smart price coke though. Cheers.

  10. Okay here's the response I got from Mark Keenan, who works on the production team:

    "From looking at the online edit there was a masking effect in the wrong place. It’s not clear exactly how it got there but it’s definitely a mistake. We are going to correct this ASAP for the On Demand version and any future broadcasts."

    Well spotted those who did, and thanks for bringing it to our attention. Now - what did you think of Thieves and Thugs…?