Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mobs and Yobs: Caught on Camera - preview

At 9pm on Thu 19 Dec, the last episode of this series of Caught on Camera will go out on Channel 5.

It's called "Mobs and Yobs: Caught on Camera" and features footage of a political protest in London which didn't seem to get much coverage on the news at the time.

The above image of Westminster is taken by the heat-sensitive camera on the police helicopter. 

One of our crews was filming in Met Police control on 5 Nov this year when two events, the Anonymous march and the Bonfire of Austerity protest was taking place in central London. 

We also had a crew on the ground to capture the actions of a breakaway group from the Anonymous march who lit a fire and set off fireworks outside Buckingham Palace (hitting it, quite spectacularly, in the process). 

We also have an amazing sequence from the 2011 riots, again in London, featuring a shopkeeper who thought he was going to get killed a the height of the violence.

And finally, as it's Christmas, who doesn't want to see some drunken Santas?
Tonight's episode is the last in the series. Hopefully we'll be back in 2014. 

Happy Christmas!


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