Thursday, 12 June 2014

England's prospects

Having lined myself up to spend six days this week recording, speaking, broadcasting or filming in six different counties, I’m feeling like an earthbound version of a jet-setter. A train-setter.

Monday morning was a corporate in Berkshire.
Tuesday was spent filming Criminals: Caught on Camera in London.
Yesterday was spent filming for BBC South in Hampshire.
Today I’m filming Crime Capitals in Manchester.
Tomorrow I’m hosting a panel of radio bosses at a Radio Academy event In Leicestershire.
Saturday morning I’ll be doing the breakfast show on BBC Surrey.

Saturday afternoon will be spent collecting entrance money to my daughter’s school fete. 

Saturday evening will be spent asleep on the sofa in front of England vs Italy.

England have two types of footballing tournament in them. 

Type a: 
Sluggish to start with, 
Barnstorming transformational game to qualify from group, 
Heroic, inspiring, country-uniting progress to quarter-finals or semi-finals,
Exit on penalties.

Type b:
Sluggish to start with,
Limp through group,
Unconvincing last 16 match,
Exit on penalties.

For once, I’d like to see England win every game in their group, and then all the knock out matches, and then win the final. "Believe! Believe!" as Kevin Keegan so memorably mouthed to his players, shortly before they lost 1-0 to Germany at Wembley. 

Or just get past a penalty shoot out. Prove to us you've learned something in the last 24 years.


  1. Good job done. Keep it up.

  2. Oh dear...I guess you never thought that England would end up bottom of the group...with not a single penalty in sight!