Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Initial Complaint Review and Mediation Scheme Briefing Reports Part 1 and 2

A lot of people are landing on my blog today, I suspect as a result of a piece which went out on Radio 4's PM at 5.50pm.

I have seen the report Dan Johnson was talking about and I am putting together a comprehensive update.

I would urge any disaffected Subpostmasters reading this to get in touch NOW. As far as I understand it, part of the process of mediation is that you will be required to sign a gagging order which stops you, under threat of being sued, from talking to anyone, especially journalists, about any settlement or agreement you make with the Post Office.

What I'm not clear on is whether the gagging order is signed before any settlement is agreed, or whether it's signed as part of the settlement. I can't imagine it's the former, but I did hear someone suggest it was.

Even assuming it's only signed on agreement of settlement, it's not ideal. You'll (hopefully) get some money back, but you won't be able to protest your innocence or tell the story of what happened to you to anyone, ever again.

I might have got this completely wrong, and there may be no gagging clause at all attached to the cases being mediated. People are being very guarded at the moment.

But whilst you are free to give me information about your situation now, it seems like there is a likelihood you won't once your case has been mediated. Which means there is a grave danger this story won't get properly told.

If your case isn't one of the ones up for mediation but you think you have a legitimate grievance, do get in touch anyway - I'd like to hear from you. I am also interested in hearing from anyone who has witnessed fraud or theft via Horizon's weaknesses.

Everything anyone tells me will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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