Monday, 19 January 2015

Inside Out pieces on the Post Office Jan 2015

"I have sufficient cause for concern having looked at material that I have been provided that innocent people might have been wrongly convicted." says Sandip Patel QC.

"Speculation" says the Post Office.

If you want to hear what a contract lawyer has to say about the Subpostmaster contract, what a professor of fraud studies has to say about the Post Office's investigation function, why an MP thinks the Post Office has spent millions of pounds on a "sham" scheme and how dozens of people have been sacked, bankrupted and prosecuted after trouble with the Post Office IT system, please do have a watch of Inside Out tonight.

You can watch it as it goes out at 7.30pm across the UK on BBC1HD.

It will also be on BBC1 South, West, East Midlands, West Midlands and North East and Cumbria, and you can, of course, watch it shortly after transmission on BBC iPlayer.



  1. A system doesn't have to be faulty for people to get into trouble.

    You can very easily turn zero value stock items into cash sales by making some basic errors.

    Horizon was \ is really complex and training for PMs is woeful.

  2. I heard this on the news when it first broke but I didn't realise the problem has escalated. When you hear of a postmasters getting bravery awards and some that have given 40 years of service then to be cast as criminals by the post office is downright outrageous. Seems that the Post Office is judge and jury and is oblivious to the fact that computer systems are not infallible. The statement about some cases being dropped as "not in the public interest" is in itself a get out of admitting that there is a glitch.
    Time for a national campaign!!!