Thursday, 2 April 2015

Glasgow's Killing Streets

George Square, Glasgow
I'm not usually in the business of suggesting you ignore the democratic process, but on this occasion...

Channel 5 have decided the best way of dealing with ITV's political debate tonight is to give me a double bill of programmes. At 8pm they're screening a repeat of one of the best episodes of Caught On Camera - Gangs and Guns - then at 9pm the first showing of a documentary I made last year called Glasgow's Killing Streets. 

The programme was originally commissioned as part of a series of four called Britain's Crime Capitals, but this episode has a very different atmosphere. Someone sensibly decided to hold it back and spin it out under a different brand.

Making Glasgow's Killing Streets was an eye-opening process, not least interviewing a forensic pathologist over a mortuary table in the state of the art facility at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Want to know one of the tools involved in cutting open someone's sternum? A bread knife.

If you get bored with what's going on elsewhere and want to watch two absorbing (and in the latter's case, surprisingly uplifting) programmes you know what to do. Vote Wallis.


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