Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Adur and Worthing Business Awards

My thanks to the guests of the Adur and Worthing Business Awards on Friday night who were given  the task of beating the previous year's Children in Need collection total of £380.

The dubious incentive involved being given the opportunity to watch the event's principal sponsor, James Stoner (pictured) hand over the Lifetime Achievement award wearing a Pudsey onesie.

Pitting one side of the room's collection bucket against the other and generally hassling and cajoling everyone into emptying their pockets raised £900. I've met people who have raised tens of thousands of pounds so I realise in the general scheme of things this isn't much, but I was taken aback by the spontaneous generosity.

It was great to work with James, Jeanette Hockley, Helen Tinner and all the JPSE team. It was a particular joy to spend my first night out in Worthing since 1988, especially as Rob West, who was my host 27 years ago was also there on Friday night.

This time round he was accompanied by his glamorous business partner and lovely wife Julie. In 1988 it was a different, pre-mobile phone story...

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