Sunday, 4 January 2009


In trying to stop this blog being a constant moan I am tempted to cast about for something happy joy joy to wax about but I've just done a 3 hour programme on the Israeli ground offensive into Gaza.

Frankly I'm not qualified to offer a personal opinion about this, and given how much it inflames and polarises opinion, I'm not sure I want to, but in the course of the programme I interviewed a man in Gaza, who was talking quietly to me from his house whilst his wife and 3 children slept nearby.

He told me how scared he was and how he'd tried to explain what was going on to his kids - why they had to sleep with their clothes and shoes near the bed, what might happen to them if the troops reached his house, and he told me how he'd prepared for the worst, the possibility that he or a member of his family might be killed.

It put my facile concerns into perspective.


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