Sunday, 11 August 2013

Love to love you. Baby.

Popjustice is a reliably bonkers website. If you can get to the end of the About section without smashing your screen, well done.

When Popjustice tweeted this...

... I clicked on the link. Before you do:

Imagine you are 18 years old and your grandfather, who has dropped by for the weekend, says:

"Remember when we made the newspaper front pages, thirty five years ago, because they heard we had stumbled across the ability to turn base metal into gold? Well, we didn't. We failed. We tried, and we nearly did it. The results were very impressive. But, essentially, we failed."

And you nod, and you say (because, in my mind, you are Peter the Goatherd from the Heidi books) "Yes Grandpa. I wasn't alive then, but I remember that's what made you famous around the world, and brought you the riches you have kindly bestowed upon this family."

"That's right." says your Grandpa, "That's right..."

He beckons you over, and his voice drops. "Last night... for the first time... we got the formula to work..."

You stop, wide-eyed with amazement.

"It isn't all that different. It's just... thirty-five years ago... we didn't have the tools to do what we are doing now..."

You stare at him, wondering what is going to happen next.

"I want you to tell me what you think of this..." he says, opening a box he has set down in front of you.

F*** my old boots. There is magic coming out of that sound system. Magic.


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