Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The man who saved 40,000 lives

Eli Beer
Every week I download a bunch of podcasts and listen to them at the gym. They are mainly radio/comedy podcasts - Frank Skinner and Richard Herring being current favourites.

I also download (among others) R4's Moneybox, the FT's Banking Weekly and TEDtalks.

TED is an organisation dedicated to getting the leading speakers in the world together to better inform their already very well-informed audience about stuff that is important. I might be right in saying that an invitation to talk at TED means that you are a world-leader at something interesting, and you have the ability to tell people about it in an interesting way.

The TEDtalk I downloaded this week is by a passionate man with a ridiculously good personal story and an inspirationally simple idea. His name is Eli Beer. Listen to his 10 minute talk here:

The talk exists as a video. But I think you would get more out of it if you discovered it in the same way I did, as a piece of audio, with no preconceptions about this man or any idea what he was going to talk about. It's far more effective.

Why on earth Eli's system doesn't exist in London, I have no idea. 


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