Monday, 21 October 2013

And the results are in

Criminals: Caught on Camera went out on Friday night and was Channel 5's highest rated programme of the evening. I had a look at how it was doing on Demand 5 yesterday and noticed it was the channel's second most-watched programme.

I had another look this morning and saw it had moved up to become the most watched programme on Demand 5. Where, at the time of posting, it remains. I don't have to tell you how chuffed I am about this.

I'm scheduled to appear on the Matthew Wright programme on Channel 5 this Friday at 9.15am, ahead of the second episode of Criminals... which goes out at 8pm.

If you want to watch last week's episode, it's all here. I promise you it's a goodie:


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  1. Hi,
    You are not including those of us who had to 'pirate' it from Usenet in order to watch it on our phones on the train when the internet signal is inconsistent. If you provided a DRM free download link, you would get a better idea of this significant section of your viewership. Ill be watching it tonight on the commute home. Thanks