Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bank of Scotland investigation

First broadcast: BBC1 Inside Out South, 3 March 2014
Copyright: BBC News
Info: A transcript of the film as broadcast is available here. The version above has had minor edits due to time constraints.
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  1. There is still for investigation Land Registry and The Law Society's involvement together with lax Governments of the asset stripping of property & land in direct conflict of the Human Rights Act when the Land Registry (Rules)Committee are on record in 2008 , for stating the Land Registry Act 2002 complies with the HRA and section Six of that Act, when in actual fact property & land continued to be taken using The Adjudicator to HM Land Registry up until 2013, using undercover actions , hidden from victims forced into litigation when even the literature and website of the AHMLR was in error for the purpose of information for the public in February 2009 until late October 2009 and information requests to the numbers of parties given this wrong information is hidden and the Freedom of Information Act is breached as is the Data Protection Act in the cases of victims stolen of property /land. This has affected tens of thousands of cases , all rushed through during 2003-2013. There has never been a sucesssful challenging of Land Registry putting restrictions unlawfully on the dwellings of targeted persons or any sucessful challenging of the covering up of ERRORS by Land Registry Staff running with solicitors defrauding Legal Aid, for Financial Enrichment and to the detriment of known and recorded proprietary legal owners. All done in a cloaked secret and predatory manner and on such a massive scale

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  2. I too I have been the victim of HBOS, but in my case it was mortgage fraud. I believe it was designed by HBOS and implemented by broker introducers but, unsurprisingly the FOS found my case of complaint "too difficult to believe" and HBOS themselves remain unprepared to comment. Although the FCA recommended I go to the police (a process I have now started) they did not seem inclined to investigate for themselves. I wrote the attached in exasperation.
    When I sent it to Paul Moore, HBOS whistleblower and former head of HBOS risk management, his reply was, "100% on the button".

  3. Caroline, have the FOS published their findings, including the words you quote here. Have they done this in spite of your SD? Please confirm. Rowan.

  4. PARLIAMENTARY OMBUDSMAN SCHEME: when do you not use this and get the PO to investigate the "mal administration" of the Land Registry. They are better than the courts at "righting wrongs." Do it though your MP. But gibe the PO hard core documentary evidence not hot air. Best of Luck.