Saturday, 1 March 2014

Inside Out South: Mon 3 March 7.30pm BBC1

Bank of Scotland HQ, Edinburgh, 11 Feb 2014
Bank of Scotland HQ, Edinburgh

Just before Christmas I was asked by the editor at Inside Out South to look into a story which turned out to be complicated, legally fraught and difficult to shoot, but after a lot of hard work it is nearly ready for broadcast.

I can't say too much in advance of transmission, other than it concerns goings on at the Bank of Scotland shortly before it merged with the Halifax to become, in the words of Ian Fraser, "the worst bank in the world".

That was back in 2001. Why does it still matter? Because at least two people remain in danger of losing their homes as a result of decisions made back then, and many more people are living in severely reduced circumstances.

It also matters because you still own this bank, and money that could have been spent on making your life better has gone into propping it up.

So if you have a moment, please do watch Inside Out on BBC1 South (Sky 984, Freesat 961) at 7.30pm on Monday. If you can't watch it live, it will be available on the iplayer for 7 days after transmission.


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